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Whatever type of piano you need; a grand, upright or player piano, you will find your dream piano at the Steinway Piano Gallery Toronto. In addition to our fine selection of new instruments, we also offer an incredible selection pre-owned pianos that often include instruments from Steinway, Boston, Essex, Yamaha, Kawai, Schimmel, Bosendorfer, Petrof, Heintzman and more!

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Young Chang Model F 110

Built: 1991
Finish: Polished French Provincial Cherry
Height: 44"
Beautiful looking piano, Great starter instrument. Excellent shape. Well maintained. 5 year warranty. Comes with matching bench. → enlarge picture

Samick Model S108P

Built: 1993
Finish: Polished Walnut
Height: 42"
Nice compact piano, Excellent beginners instrument. 5 year warranty. Comes with matching bench. → enlarge picture

Steinway & Sons Model F

Built: 1963
Finish: Art Deco Satin Walnut
Height: 41"
Width: 58"
Depth: 22"
This beautiful art Deco style, Hamburg built upright has an incredible full sound for a smaller upright. European style of tone. → enlarge picture

Yamaha U1

Built: 1972
Finish: Satin Walnut
Height: 48"
Width: 59"
Weight: 518lbs
Excellent shape. Well maintained. → enlarge picture

Niemeyer 112rp

Built: 2006
Finish: Polished Ebony
Height: 44"
Width: 58"
Weight: 400lbs
Great starter piano, looks great and sounds great! → enlarge picture

Yamaha U1

Built: 1973
Finish: Satin Ebony
Height: 48"
Width: 59"
Weight: 518lbs
Tuned annually. Gone over to bring to warranty standards. → enlarge picture

Yamaha C2

Built: 2001
Finish: Satin Ebony
Length: 5'8"
Width: 58.5"
Weight: 671lbs
This piano has been tuned and voiced regularly by local R.P.T. One owner, one location since new. → enlarge picture

Hoffmann & Kuhne CK19M

Built: 2014
Finish: Oak
Height: 47"
Width: 58 3/4"
Weight: 475lbs
Used for one year in Music School, Just like Brand new → enlarge picture

Kawai KX-21

Built: 2007
Finish: Polish Mahogany
Height: 47"
Length: 59"
This piano is Showroom ready and is in new condition. Hardly played and in pristine condition. Comes with matching adjustable bench. → enlarge picture

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