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New One-of-a-Kind Art Case Piano to visit Ottawa




Dear piano enthusiast,

We are proud to announce that the one-of-a-kind Steinway & Sons Art Case Piano 'Kuniisii' will be arriving in Ottawa.  This unique piano showcases the mythology and art of the Haida First Nations of B.C.  This piano features Kuniisii, a supernatural being who gave the Haida people their songs and music, along with other mythical creatures present in Haida history.  This one-of-a-kind piano was hand-painted in acrylic made from ground argillite, a stone found exclusively in the Queen Charolotte Islands of British Columbia.  

We invite you to visit us, view this one-of-a-kind historical artpiece, and explore the wonderful world of Steinway & Sons.


Musically yours,

Troy Scharf
Steinway Piano Gallery Ottawa Manager

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1481A Innes Road
Ottawa, ON, K1B 1C5

Phone : (613) 842-8388
Toll Free : 1.844.826.8882

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Steinway Art Case Piano Kuniisii

Steinway Art Case Piano Kuniisii

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